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Diagnosis & Repair

Your PC, Like Brand New

Is your computer acting up? Apps crashing? Or is it simply refusing to come up? There are few things as frustrating as your computer acting up or refusing to do what you ask of it.

New PC Set Up

Is it time for a new computer? Not sure what to buy? How do l get all my old information to the new computer? How do | get the computer onto my network? Connect the printer? Don’t over think it.

PC Repairs

You want your computer fixed and fast. You want to know that you can trust who is working on your computer. Our PCs have become so central to our lives, usually storing a lifetime of pictures, videos, music and even homework.

Mac Repairs

Your computer is broken. Every day without it is costing your productivity. But getting your computer repaired is tough, it’s time consuming, expensive and risky. That’s why we’re here. Whatever your tech needs are, we have you covered.

Virus Removal

Is your PC Slower than normal? Is it grinding to a halt? Does it take forever during startup? Or do ad windows pop up from nowhere? It could be that your system is infected with spyware or even worse – a virus!

IT Online Service

Technology advances every day, making an already dynamic IT infrastructure more complicated. Maintaining a smoothly running IT environment requires that you not only have highly skilled staff available, but that they pay constant attention to it.

Data Recovery

Did you drop or damage your PC? Have you suddenly lost your data? Are you hearing strange beeps, clicks, or grinding noises from your PC? Or Is your pc simply just not turning ON?

No matter the cause of your data loss,


If your PC takes a long time to boot or runs slowly, bring it to us for atune up and we’ll speed it up! Over time, your computer hard drive gets filled up with old files and leftovers from the addition and removal of software.

Website Development & Marketing

Helping you unleash the true potential of your business via Precision Website Development, Design and Digital Marketing Services.

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