New PC Set Up

New PC Set Up

Is it time for a new computer? Not sure what to buy? How do I get all my old information to the new computer? How do I get the computer onto my network? Connect the printer? Don’t over think it -Let us help!

We’ll not only help you set up your equipment,we’ll also transfer your data to make your new computer turn-key! We can assemble, customize and upgrade desktop computer components based
on your requirements. Because we don’t just sell computers, we also offer our expert advice and will help you find the right computer within your budget.

What we do

  • Find you the right computer within your budget
  • Computer Set Up Service
  • Deliver and update the new computer as computers are not ready to go straight out of the box.
  • Show you the features of the new computer and answer any questions
  • Connect it to your network and printers and other peripherals
  • Install Anti-Virus and remove unwanted programs and trialware
  • Transfer over your data from your old computer
  • Recommend backup solutions•Set up your email
  • Set up your default web browser, homepage and favorites
  • 30 Day phone support

Our service doesn’t end after setup!! If you have any questions or need anything, we’re only one call away! We offer phone support on a new computer set up for 30 days.